Rebranding - KINEX changes to K-MET

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that one of our group company, Kinex Bearings (bearings manufacturer located in Slovakia), was sold during 2020.
Kinex Bearings entered an Indian Group CK Birla. Details to be found here.

Although the transaction took place in 2020, some contractual relationships and obligations will be terminated during 2023, including the rights to use the Kinex trademark.
Ownership changes do not concern Kinex Measuring a.s. nor Kinex Measuring s.r.o., where the ownership structure remains unchanged.

Our strategy when establishing the production company Kinex Measuring a.s. in Bytča, was the production of quality measuring instruments, produced according to European standards, especially DIN. Production entails strict control and optimization of production processes. We continue to remain at the KINEX production site, however, by combining the Kinex brand with an Indian company, we would not have internal control over the stated quality of the products. That‘s why we decided to change the trademark to our own, which will be displayed on our products in the future. The new trademark will be K-MET, where K indicates the history associated with Kinex products and MET the metrology specialization.

This change will ensure brand continuity for our company, coupled with the guaranteed quality expected from our customers.

The Road map of the changes will be as follows:

  1. until June 30, 2023, we will continue to display the KINEX Trademark on the products
  2. from July 1, 2023, the products will be marked with the Trademark K-MET

From the point of view of advertising leaflets, catalogues, other promotional materials and product stock, it will be possible to meet both the original brand and the new one. We cannot estimate the timeline for the depletion of stocks, but the unlimited sale of original goods applies. Our new leaflets and catalogues and all other presentation materials will show a combination of the original logo (both KINEX and K-MET) in 2023 and from 2024 you will find everything only with K-MET, including product packaging, etc.